This is with reference to Mr. Ban Ki Moon's statement, dated April 9 that "flogging of girls is not acceptable". The UN has also expressed serious concern over killing of three Baloch leaders and called upon the government of Pakistan to act. Until now, USA and Britain have been blatantly interfering in our internal affairs. The UN chief has also started dictating and interfering in our internal affairs. Does he or US or Britain think that Pakistan government will not investigate these murders until they ask us to do so? Are we a subservient country or a colony of US, Britain and now UN? I request the Foreign Office of Pakistan to lodge a strong protest against the UN chief and also against USA for an uncalled for interference in our internal affairs. Since he has asked Pakistan to investigate the murder of the Baloch leaders, may I ask Mr. Ban Ki Moon what action will he take against India if the investigations reveal that RAW was involved in the act? In view of India's intensive subversive activities in Balochistan, the chances of RAW's involvement are fairly high. Secondly, UN has no right to say that flogging of girls in Swat is unacceptable even though the video he is talking about is highly controversial and the punishment actually a deviation of the Islamic Sharia law. But since he has asked, we have a right to know what action UN has taken against the human rights violations by India in Held Kashmir? -SHABBIR RIZVI, Karachi, via e-mail, April 14.