LAHORE - Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami Women Wing Dr Rukhsana Jabeen has said the Wests hostility towards Islam was manifest from the European States ban on the wearing of Hijab by Muslim women. Condemning the ban on Hijab in Belgium, Germany, France and some other European states, she said in a press statement such a step belied Wests claim as champion of religious harmony, tolerance, civil liberties and human rights. Rukhsana Jabeen said the French Parliaments ban on Hijab and fine for violation was oppression against Muslim women and violation of their basic rights. She said the ban on Hijab revealed the Wests animosity towards Islam, its extremism, double standards and lack of tolerance. She appealed to the OIC, the Muslim rulers, NGOs and Women Rights bodies to pressurize the Western states to withdraw their anti-Islam decisions.