LAHORE While the Dengue fever fear is haunting every citizen in the City, the City District Government Lahore is waiting for the causalities to occur in order to launch its fumigation campaign. The yearly drive looks a distant reality from another angle: the CDGLs Health Department has not yet started buying anti-mosquito insecticides, insiders informed TheNation. They said that according to annual schedule the campaign was to start formally in the mid of the March but delayed due to sluggish attitude of the authorities despite the special directions from the Punjab Chief Minister who directed CDG authorities to launch campaign before scheduled time keeping in mind the result of delay in fumigation previous year which claimed lives of dozens of citizens. But, the authorities concerned still are thinking to import or purchase special insecticides, affected for killing such mosquitoes, carrying dengue and malaria viruses. But for hiding negligence they have issued directions to their subordinates to purchase insecticides, used only for killing flies and spray such substandard and low intensity at houses of VIPs, offices of the high ranked officials and some sites near to their residents for the satisfaction of the higher authorities, they added. The insiders in the health department further said that the authorities concerned seemed lethargic in announcing and launching fumigation campaign properly and spraying insecticides across the city for combating the mosquitoes particularly for checking the rapidly increasing growth of mosquito breed at ponds and heaps of garbage which are major source of mosquitoes breed while the monstrous breed of mosquitoes is playing havoc with the lives of Lahorites. Although the Health Department in this regard claimed that it had sprayed insecticides in order to eradicate mosquitoes from the City, particularly the residential areas by April to May, it has failed to give desired output or achieve any significant result from the claimed insecticide sprays across the city, as the mosquitoes have grown up to cause its hazards to the human life while the belated campaign, which is almost four weeks behind the schedule, has failed to bear fruit. It may be mentioned here that the campaign was to be launched in March 2010, but unfortunately, due to the delaying tactics by the authorities concerned the fuming campaign was started from April 2 despite availability of sufficient quantity of insecticides with the CDGL, which in fact gave room to mosquitoes to grow and made the lives of the citizens miserable. However, the unscheduled power outage of about 16 to 20 hours also multiplied the miseries for the citizens as loadshedding compels masses to come out of their rooms and stay in courtyards or roofs of their homes due to sudden change in weather, which not only provide the opportunity to the mosquitoes to attack people but also to increase the breed of the mosquitoes. It was witnessed that number of patients of malaria was increasing day-by-day in the city particularly the children are the prey to mosquitoes and the health experts also have issued warning in this regard that fatal virus of dengue might attack the citizens any time. However Executive District Officer Dr Omer Baloch claimed that CDG have six rounds of IRS with starting 3rd round of routine fumigation in selected areas of the city and this activity continued for the whole year. However, he said that the fumigation campaign would formally be launched in August. He said the CDG in cooperation with Director General Health would not only launch fuming campaign formally but would also launch public awareness campaign in the month of August. So far as availability of insecticides is concerned, the department still has over 3,000 liters of insecticides is in its stock, he claimed adding that the quality of insecticides is being tested in the laboratory before spraying.