LAHORE Against the backdrop of the open American admission that it had a separate, independent intelligence network in the tribal and other parts of Pakistan, security agencies have been 'cautioned to deal with possible Raymond Davis-like 'eventualities, it is reliably learnt. Talking to The Nation on Sunday about the developments taking place after a US officials announcement that America has established its own network in the tribal belt of Pakistan, well-placed sources said the admission is a perfect recipe to produce cases that eventually become irritants to already-uneasy bilateral relations. Sources said security services have been asked to come up with suggestions to deal with a situation that could arise out of a new deadlock between Pakistani and American security establishments. Sources said that prime security services of the country were preparing various counter-strategies to deal with CIA-sponsored private networks of spying and subversive activities in case the Americans did not pay heed to the calls to halt their activities, or if a settlement could not be reached between Islamabad and Washington. They maintained that security services of the country were considering various tactics to quell or neutralise the private network of the CIA on the Pakistani soil. They also said that the situation between the security services of the two states was touching the level of an impasse, as the US threatens Pakistan with its network of trained mercenaries and refuses to halt the drone attacks. In the given scenario, Pakistan seems to be left with no option but to proclaim 'zero tolerance, sources said. Meanwhile, defence analysts are predicting the possibility of shooting down the drones if the US continues to press ahead adamantly, pushing the security services of Pakistan to the wall. A US newspaper quoted an official as saying that the CIA has established its own spy network in the tribal areas of Pakistan over the years. According to the newspaper, the US authorities told Pakistan that neither drone strikes would be stopped nor would an explanation be given to Islamabad for each attack. CIA Director Panetta has an obligation to protect the American people and he isnt going to call an end to any operations that support that objective, the US media quoted an American official as saying.