The recent visit of Pakistan economic managers to negotiate with official of IMF in USA for the release of delayed-tranche proved to be fruitless as delegation came back with empty hands. Conversely, no one is giving importance to expatriate Pakistanis who are sending a significant amount of around $10 billion to their homeland every year. If countrys politicians including rulers withdraw their respective capital from foreign banks and deposit it in local banks, the expatriate community living in Europe and America pledges to bring all their savings back to Pakistan that can be used to get rid of foreign loans which are now touching $60 billion mark. These views were expressed by Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust International Chairman Abdul Razzaq Sajid while talking to The Nation here on Sunday. He was currently visiting Pakistan to hand over 20 completed homes to flood-affectees of Muzaffargarh. He said expatriate Pakistanis including citizens of AJK living in UK leading their lives comfortably and their living standard is far better than locals as they worked hard and saved money keeping in mind of their families future while locals are in a habit to exhaust all their earnings at week ends. He said these patriotic and enthusiastic Pakistanis want to bring the country out of multiple crises and put it on the track of prosperity and progress. He said these Pakistanis have had over 40 billion sterling pound saved in banks and they wanted to use them for the betterment of the country but did not know how to make best use of their hard-earned money. Abdul Razzaq Sajid suggested the government to approach these expatriate Pakistanis and appeal them to send more remittances to Pakistan. He said that these Pakistanis feel disappointment when they watch TV channels showing deteriorating law and order situation in the country. He said the Pakistani community has strong belief that if Army Generals, politicians and industrialists bring back their plundered money back to country from their foreign accounts, there will be no need to beg from international finance agencies like IMF, ADB and World Bank. He said that Pakistani community though not well organised as compare to Indians especially in Britain but still they can help Pakistan a lot. He complained that officials of Pakistan embassy do not extend their helping hands towards Pakistani passport holders rather they extort money from grieved Pakistanis. Conversely, he said, Indian embassy officials not only support their countrymen but they also supported them financially in a bid to make Indian community more strong. While giving detail of their organisation targets in Pakistan, he said Al Mustafa Welfare Trust International has set a target of 100 compete homes for flood-affectees of Muzaffargarh. He said 30 homes have been completed and their keys would be distributed within this week while remaining 70 homes target would be achieved before August 14 of the current year. He said that all homes have been designed at the same pattern and consist on one room, veranda, kitchen and bath. A beautiful mosque and a school are also being constructed in the region for the convenience of locals. He said that in this regard, AWTI has appealed 700 pound donation to UK-based Pakistanis for one home and received a good response, he added. While explaining the condition of Pakistani students in UK, he said as UK has made education sector as their industry, so UK earns million of pound sterling out of education business. He said UK government has allowed foreign students 20 hours in a week part time job only that is not sufficient for them to live with comfort. He warned that UK govt is planning to curtail this duration further to half. He informed that Pakistani students in UK are in a fix as they are not being offered part time jobs since they are not skilled. He suggested that all those who wish to land at UK should obtain work visa instead of any other so that they could search and attain a proper job there. While remembering severe floods in Pakistan last year, he informed that his organisation contributed three containers for flood-affectees that include blankets, groceries and medicines worth million of rupees and now it is going to distribute 100 complete homes to affectees. While giving detail of his organisation, he said Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust International is a registered non-government, charitable and non-profit service organisation, working for the social development and providing relief to the low-income groups around the world whose journey began on 17th Nov 1983 at a small scale by a group of highly motivated intellectuals, social workers, lawyers, doctors, engineers and business executives having passion for philanthropy. Now after a hectic journey of over 25 years, AMWT has spread out over 20 countries of Asia, Africa and Europe and serving millions of needy and helpless people living in different areas regardless of their sect, creed and gender. Started its operations in UK in 2003, Abdul Razzaq Sajid said, AMWT has gained reputation of a well-structured, trustworthy and effective charity organisation. He further said that AMWTs mission is to provide adequate opportunities for getting health and wellbeing not only for an individual but also for his whole family including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood and old age. Besides this, AMWT facilitates lasting change in poor section of the society by strengthening capacity for self-help; providing economic opportunity; delivering relief in emergencies; influencing policy decisions at all levels and addressing discrimination in all its forms. Apart from providing instant relief in case of emergencies and disasters, Abdul Razzaq Sajid said, AMWT supports local communities without any discrimination and regardless of race, religion or gender. It has focused mainly on six sectors including instant relief/ emergency/ disasters; health; education; orphans; water & sanitation and last but not the least economic & social livelihoods. Ranging to far-stretched parts of world, Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust International has a long list of services like hospitals, welfare agencies, schools for the poor & orphan children, womens centers, dowry funds for the poor young children, monitory benefits for the poor, funeral buses, free pharmacies, ambulance service and many more supportive projects to help people survive and succeed in their lives of fulfilment out of poverty. There are many schools across the country that are being run under AMWT while some educational projects Al-Mustfa Model Schools in Changa Managa, Muzafrabad, Sibi (Blochistan) are near to completion. Likewise, there are countless medical outlets across the country are being run by AMWT. As many as 8 hospitals are taking care of sick people only in Karachi providing free of cost medicines, operation and other facilities like other modern hospitals of the area. AMWT Chairman Abdul Razzaq Sajid said that he is planning to open a state-of-the-art hospital in Lahore to serve the humanity besides a hospital in his native town Mian Channu.