ISLAMABAD - Resources constraints of the Islamabad police have gradually reducing the professional performance level of cops regarding investigation of a murder of cases, which is multiple sense of insecurity among the citizens of the federal capital. Police sources told this scribe that resources allocated to Islamabad police are nominal. The police officials are not trained to that level to investigate the cases effectively. According to them, in most of the murder cases the investigation officers have to spend money from his own pocket to investigate the cases. The sources said that the necessary investigation techniques including forensic machine, access to Nadra as well cell pones record were not available with the Islamabad police. Few forensic machines were imported from China in the recent past, however, police could not operate these machines due to lack of trained human power and operational cost on it. During the first three months of the current year, three high profile murders cases were registered with the Industrial Area (I-9) police station. These murders included of Federal Minister for Minorities Affaris Shahbaz Bhatti, Chinese lady doctor while Director Special Education Dr. Awais Qazi. However, no progress has so far been made in none of these cases. The police official said that the reason in failure to arrest the killers of known figures was the lack of resources and proper professional trainings. Moreover, he added that there is zero coordination among the law enforcement and intelligences agencies, he claimed. Bureaucratic hurdles were in place that is causing delay in investigation of murder cases. The latest technology for investigation purpose is need of the hour. Still Islamabad needs finances to purchase weapons, vehicles, and other logistics, administration and training needs, he added. When contacted by this scribe, IGP Islamabad Wajid Ali Durrani said that three-pronged investigation into Shahbaz Bhattis murder case is under way. However, he mentioned that presently the Islamabad police are facing lack of trained manpower to handle the operation, security and prosecution effectively. These remarks of the Islamabad police chief validate the concern of the citizens that if Islamabad police cannot not arrest the killers of a minister, how can a common citizen expect to get justice through investigation by police.