PTI chief Imran Khans successful rally in Peshawar at Hayatabad Naran Road gives the hope that the general public, if mobilised by leaders of integrity, can turn into a force that can confront the US and respond to its aggression. The rally, he claims, will in future attract millions of participants is designed to achieve the objective of driving the invaders out of Afghanistan. In this context comes the violation of sovereignty by CIAs drones and blockade of NATO supplies through Pakistan. The import of Imrans words that the public was making history in getting rid of US slavery and that the sit-in will serve as the first step towards independence of the country in real sense of the word hopefully will not be lost on our unconcerned government. One could gauge the strength of the demonstration from the 20km long chain of cars that was slowly heading towards Peshawar from Islamabad. That thousands took to the streets despite the uncertain atmosphere of law and order in Peshawar shows the importance people attach to their status as a sovereign nation. Our so-called leaders are often seen raising a hue and cry against the US heavy handedness but make no tangible effort to bring it to end. Indeed our political spectrum seems to be rife with contradictions with drawing room politics and palace intrigues becoming the bane of the country, but our ruling leadership lacks the courage to lead the people out of the mess the country is mired in at the moment. The PTIs rally should send alarm bells ringing in concerned government quarters. It is the governments primary duty to protect the lives of its citizens from all possible dangers, internal or external, failing which it only forfeits its right to stay at the helm. The present unrest has engulfed the entire country in the flames of militancy and separatist fervour. The government must heed Imran Khans warning that next time around, there will not be thousands but millions of people out on the streets to block NATO supplies. He has invited other political parties to join him next time. The government should know that the American aggression have caused so much misery in the region that the entire nations feelings chime in with the objectives of PTI chiefs rally. Imran Khan has chosen the right site to stage demonstrations because it is that province which suffers the most both in terms of murderous terrorist incidents and the ever-present fear of insecurity. In view of this popular anger, the Obama Administration has to be told in unambiguous terms that the government as well as the people are against its policies, including drones.