Islamabad - Afghan government is on the verge of relaxing preconditions for talks with Taliban in order to ensure that reconciliation efforts launched by Afghan High Peace Council, headed by former President Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani, could bear fruit. Well-placed diplomatic sources told TheNation on Sunday that President Hamid Karzais government was actively working on proposals to soften some of the preconditions set out for starting talks with the Taliban in order to make the reconciliation process more meaningful. The move has come after the Afghan High Peace Council found it virtually a dormant entity since its inception in October last year, as there has been no significant progress on the Afghan-driven reconciliation process. The United States fully supports the Afghan-led reconciliation with Taliban, and is on the same page with Afghanistan and Pakistan over this critical issue, a US Embassy spokesperson told TheNation. Pakistan has also agreed to support the Afghan-led reconciliation process and had announced time and again to extend all-out cooperation to Kabul to make the dialogue result-orientated. Afghan Peace Council had been formed by the Afghan government to woo the moderate elements from the ranks and file of Afghan Taliban, but failed to make significant progress largely because of the preconditions. The hardcore Taliban commanders and fighters had rejected the Peace Council at the outset, saying they do not recognise such entity until and unless foreign troops leave their homeland. However, consistent efforts by the Afghan government through the Peace Council have created a ray of hope after some indications from Saudi Arabia and Turkey that they would also help facilitate the reconciliation process. There are clear indications that the Afghan-led process with Taliban would make significant progress within next couple of months, sources said without explaining the crucial developments. Meanwhile, sources in the Foreign Office have dismissed the impression that the sudden visit of Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar to Saudi Arabia had any thing to do with Afghan-driven reconciliation process. It is a bilateral visit, and has nothing to do with the Afghan reconciliation process, a source said.