The timely response of the COAS General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani by rejecting the negative propaganda that Pakistan was not doing enough in war on terror by the Pakistan Army has been seen as the silver lining in the otherwise dark clouds. The statement followed the remarks of Admiral Mike Mullen Chairman USJCS accusing ISI of having ties with the Haqqani network. The Admiral before accusing ISI should have been more thoughtful as to how it is possible for the prime intelligence agency of a country to collaborate with an outfit that is funding and promoting terrorists group. Also the US leaders should see the resolve of Pakistan Army since last so many years in fighting the war on terror. The sacrifices made by Pakistan Army have been much more than the casualties suffered by the US troops in Afghanistan. The stand taken by COAS Gen Kayani on controversial US drone attacks are also in sync with our national aspirations. Certainly public support is key to the success in the war against terrorism and the drone strikes undermine our national effort. There is no denying the fact that the stakes are very high for Pakistan and US not only in Afghanistan but in the long term. However the trust deficit can only be lessened with mutual respect and understanding. Is the US ready for it? The US has to put aside its super power arrogance. BRIG AKHTAR ZAMIN, Karachi, April 23.