ISLAMABAD (APP) - Hundreds of tribal elders in of Mohmand Agency have announced their support to the government in the fight against militants to establish the states writ in the tribal belt. Vice of America reported that at least 300 elders held jirgas in two separate placed and decided to assist administration and security forces in protecting their areas. Announcing support to government, the jirga held at Pandyalai in Baizai decided that whosoever supported militants would be expelled from the area and his house would be razed to the ground while a fine of Rs 300,000 would be imposed on the violators. Similar council was held in another area of the agencies where at least 200 elders, peace committee members, officials of the security forces and political administration attended the jirga. The political administration confirmed the peace councils, saying that elders held jirga in Tehsil Baizai and Safi of Mohmand Agency and announced their support to authorities in maintaining law and order in the area. An official of the political administration said that the elders have held a Jirga in Baizai to lend support to the administration in war against militants where elders vowed to offer all types of sacrifices for the protection of their area. They said that they would support security officials for development and progress. Similar meeting was held in another area of the agency. Officials are trying to establish peace committees with the help of local elders to bring peace in the tribal belt.