ISLAMABAD - With the rapidly changing political scenario when ruling PPP is trying to bring its erstwhile coalition partner back in the federal cabinet, the MQM is still sitting on fence whether to rejoin federal cabinet or not in upcoming expansion phase. After the PPPs continuous efforts to win back Muttahida in federal cabinet, the biggest allied party of the PPP has started weighing in its inside meetings all the pros and cons of the matter to rejoin the federal cabinet. Yet it has not reached any consensus in this regard, MQM sources told TheNation. Sources said though it was assumed that after the unseating of Zulfiqar Mirza as Home Minister, party would change its stance and immediately be part of cabinet once again. But, Muttahida this time ostensibly had kept the things in quid pro quo by putting some finance-related demands before PPP govt. MQM, the main focus of the PPP, taking advantage of the situation was not clearly showing its consent. The party was asking the government to accept its demands regarding RGST, decrease in POL price, flood surcharge and some others, which looks not possible instantly in the prevailing circumstances, said sources. Sources maintained that the real reason behind bringing Muttahida back into cabinet was to avoid any difficulty, which the PPP govt might confront in getting the upcoming budget 2011-12 passed by the Assembly. With the support of MQM, government would not face much difficulty to get the budget approved. Sources said that after the indication that PML-Q could join govt, the MQM has started contemplating the affairs with different angles in the changed circumstances, as earlier it was in comfortable situation to aggressively present its demands. When contacted, a senior MQM member said they were keenly watching the changing political scenario and so far they had not decided to rejoin the cabinet. We are facing public pressure, as in the ongoing situation when target killing is on peak, its hard to decide on the matter, he added. It may be mentioned here that MQM had earlier asked the incumbent government to review the recent increase in POL prices as the masses were not in a position to bear extra burden. MQM had also repeatedly voiced its concern over imposition of flood surcharge and once termed it the last nail in the coffin of the countrys economy.