LAHORE Security departments have recently received more than 16 threat advisories forcing them to take 'level-one security steps to contain the likely new series of suicide attacks from the extremists, it is learnt. According to the context of different letters, the attacks could be carried out by the extremists related to two neighbouring countries while the Federal as well as provincial capital may be under severe threat. It has also been learnt the extremists have planned to carry out a new series of massive suicide attacks on political figures, security officials and other important functionaries of the government. Informed sources claimed the aforesaid number of threat letters have been received during the first three weeks of the current month as the last letter (183) to a security department was delivered on April 21, 2011. According to the new warnings by the banned outfits and sections of various extremist groups, the series of attacks may be started on government installations, politicians, top bureaucrats, security personnel as well as civil society. Following these threats, the security departments have further conveyed the related departments to arrange fool-proof security measures in order to thwart the nefarious designs of the terror suspects. Insiders claimed such kind of letters have also been delivered in the offices of more than five District Coordination Officers (DCOs) of the Punjab including Lahore carrying the same threats. However, the DCOs are still ignorant about these letters despite the fact that security agencies have conveyed to them properly with strict advices to take precautionary steps, it added.