LAHORE- Former information minister Senator Mohammed Ali Durrani on Sunday alleged that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and some influential landlords were planning to capture the rich lands of Bahawalpur including the 64,00,000 acres of Cholistan area in the name of Saraiki province. Addressing a press conference here at the Lahore Press Club, Senator Durrani also warned the Presidency against an alleged trap by the prime minister and some influential landlords to take him (President Zardari) on the path of dictator Yahya Khan by denying restoration of Bahawalpur province. Let me tell you that behind the scene, consultations have ended and a national government would soon be announced. We hope that the national government would announce the restoration of Bahawalpur province in line with the commitment made by father of the nation, he added. Let me tell you that Bahawalpur is not a hunting ground of some Multan or DG Khan-based landlords who had been given thousands of acres of land by the British rulers. Now after plundering the poor people of Multan and DG Khan, some landlords from the PML-Q, who are not acceptable to President Asif Zardari, are trying to follow the conspiracy hatched by the prime minister to appease him by supporting his bid to conquer the 64 lakh acres of Cholistan lands in the name of Saraiki province but they dont know the resilience of the Bahawalpur people, he remarked. Senator Durrani, who is also chief of the Muttahidda Mohaz Bahawalpur, advised the prime minister to focus on resolving the issues being faced by the country rather than dreaming of being the chief minister of Saraiki province, bulldozing the rights to the people of Bahawalpur. This is also a test case for the leadership of the PML-Q. Let us see whether they opt to be a part of the conspiracy hatched by some landlords against the people of Bahawalpur or they support the cause of Bahawalpur province. But let me warn all those making conspiracies that any bid to ignore the cause of Bahawalpur province would be resisted with force and the conspirators would have to take their political coffin themselves and the people of Bahawalpur would ensure worst defeat for the candidates of those parties, he asserted. The senator said Bahawalpur Awami Party chief Nawab Slahuddin Abbasi had instructed him to convey the warning to the conspirators through media and said that the government should at least give the same respect to the agreement made signed by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as it respected its deeds with the IMF or the World Bank. I warn those who are conspiring against the people of Bahawalpur to mend their ways or get ready to face the worst resistance of the history by the ignored, abused and deprived Bahawalpur people who have been time and again looted by the political gimmicks of ruling elites, he said. When asked whether he opposed the creation of Saraiki province, Senator Durrani said the people of Bahawalpur were supportive of any province which did not hinder their just demand of restoration of Bahawalpur province. People from all ethnic, lingual and religious groups in Bahawalpur support the cause of Bahawalpur province which is not based on lingual, religious or ethnic divide. We are also appreciative of all those, including the media, who are supportive of our cause. We do not oppose the creation of a province consisting of Multan and DG Khan divisions. But anyone dreaming of ruling Bahawalpur in the name of Saraiki province should stop this non-sense or be ready to face the public wrath, warned Senator Durrani. He said insertion of Bahawalpur into Saraiki province against the wishes and aspirations of the people of Bahawalpur would only be an autocratic attempt and not a democratic step.