PESHAWAR - Unannounced electricity loadshedding in Peshawar and its suburban areas have evoked peoples outrages, as residents of various areas held protest demonstrations on Sunday. A protest was held in Koz Kandi, area of Tehkal Payan, which was organised under the auspices of prominent social workers Muhammad Ali, Haji Sandal and Kirmat Khan. Participants of the protest were holding placards and banners inscribed with lines against Pesco. They resolved to sprawl their protest demonstrations to the main University Town, as they had been suffering for the last seven years at the hands of Pesco mismanagement, particularly in hot summer days. A 17-member committee of Koz Kandi area has been formed that represent population of about 20,000 and to chalk out line of action in this regard, provided the unannounced loadshedding continued to strike the helpless people in the locality, Muhammad Ali, an elderly man participating in the protest, told The Nation. Peoples eruption in Peshawar against electricity loadshedding was witnessed in various localities of the metropolitan city, as with the onset of hot weather in the region power breakdowns of hours were taking patience of the masses to the end. People in Landi Arbab, Kohat Road, Dalazak Road, City Circular Road and Tehkal Payan initiated protest demonstrations against the loadshedding and termed it a complete failure of the quarters concerned. Rejecting any pretext on the part of Wapda for their time and again announcements of electricity shortfall, which was now over 5000 MW in the country, the protestors in Peshawar burnt electricity bills during their demonstrations. They 'ridiculed with the ongoing 'Operation Cleanup on the part of Pesco aiming to remove illegal connections of electricity. An angry protester at Tehkal Payan demonstration asked that, where is electricity? It could not be found round the clock now and to hide their inefficiency to deliver Pesco embarked on superficial measure of carrying out operation against illegal connections. Muhammad Ali said that he was disappointed with any remedy in the to be find in future in this regard, adding the last year the issue of prolonged loadshedding and resultant protests in various parts of the province were notified with lost of lives on one or the other reason. This time the phenomenon seems to be more dreadful as the summer is not yet set altogether in its full swing that the serpent of loadshedding is taken to heavy toll on poor masses in shape of 16 and in cases 18 hours prolonged power shutdowns in many areas of Peshawar, he maintained. After the lapse reasonably normal weather that was due to the spell of rains across the region, people started feeling the pinch of absence of electricity with the onset of long summer day. Teased by hotness of the weather along with halt in their activities including facing shortage of availability of water in households due to unscheduled and stretched power off, masses started resorting to roads to vent their anger, at least by blocking traffic flow at the moment and chanting resentful slogans against those, they held responsible for the situation. The prolonged power outage has badly affected the routine activities of the residents besides adding to their miseries and bring the life to a standstill in the entire district. The entire district has to face 16 to 18 hours long loadshedding, which has completely paralysed business activities. Residents told this scribe on Sunday that power shutdown remained for the whole night in Lakki city and other localities of the district. The authorities concerned seem unaware of the loadshedding schedule, as people from all walks of life have to face 16 to 18 hours power breakdown in day and night timings, they maintained. They said the entire district of the southern region was hard-hit by consistent outages, badly affecting the business and trade related activities. The prolonged loadshedding has also affected the electricity dependent businesses of poor shopkeepers and traders, they said, adding that in several urban and rural localities, the continuous power suspension caused acute shortage of drinking water. The inhabitants of rural areas are faced with the shortage of water as tube well could not be run without electricity, a villager said. He said that area people would have no option other than to launch protest if unfair and prolong load shedding was not stopped immediately. The area residents also asked the government to purchase additional electricity from Lucky Cement Factory and provide it to them to end the problems of loadshedding and low voltage forever. Meanwhile, Saifullah brothers expressed concerns over the loadshedding being carried out in the backward Lakki Marwat district. The government did not take any serious measures for increasing the production of electricity during the last three years, PML-Likeminded Central Chief Senator Salim Saifullah Khan and MNA Humayun Saifullah Khan said in a statement on Sunday. They said that the government should exempt hot areas like Lakki Marwat from load shedding. Had the government paid heed to the project of construction of Kurrum Tangi and other dams the power crises could have been overcome, they said, adding that the Tangi dam project is in cold storage for the last couple of years. Demanding immediate launching of work on KT dam project, they asked the government to set power plants in Karak and other oil and gas producing districts of the southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for electricity generation and overcoming the problems of load shedding.