It is an undeniable reality that before the Americans vengefulness drove them to a disastrous misadventure in Afghanistan no one had heard of the terrorism monster in the tribal areas or, for that matter, elsewhere in Pakistan. It is the wholehearted help and cooperation our government extended to the US to facilitate its prosecution of the so-called war on terror that brought that curse upon this land, and it will not go away till the US and NATO troops had packed up from Afghanistan and went back home. Thus, the assertion of COAS General Kayani that Pakistan security forces have broken the back of terrorists and the nation would soon prevail upon them is a plain fallacy. For one thing, the militarys own spokesman is reported to have maintained only recently after the Kayani- Mullen meeting that the drone attacks undermine our national effort (to fight terrorism); it raises the question, how would Pakistan succeed in prevailing upon the militants, if the US shows no intention of stopping these attacks, as bluntly reaffirmed by Admiral Mullen in an interview with a private TV channel of Pakistan? For another, there comes to mind a basic and most pertinent question, why on earth has Pakistan taken up the cudgels on behalf of the US, especially when it stipulates killing our own people? Both the indiscriminate use of drones and our own policy of fighting the tribesmen have created a strong sense of resentment not only among the targeted people, but also other citizens in the country. Their perception that Pakistans involvement in the war is ground enough to treat the government that helps promote the US anti-terrorist cause as an enemy on the basis of the principle, 'the friend of an enemy is an enemy is hard to question. The Washington Post, quoting a Pakistani security analyst, says that General Kayanis remarks are in response to Admiral Mullens accusations of foot-dragging in launching a military campaign in North Waziristan and the ISIs links with the Haqqani network, and reflects a stalemate in the Pak-US ties. There is no doubt that Pakistans alliance with the US in this war has cost it dearly. The terrorists revenge has caused us the loss of thousands precious lives, created a climate of pervasive insecurity in the country and ruined our economy, to boot. At this moment when this association with the US is not just harming our interests but also does not promise to yield any good results in the future, we have to take a decisive step. If General Kayani says, no sacrifice is too great for sovereignty, there should be no hesitation in breaking off the alliance. All cooperation with the US must stop and as it is not likely to hold back drones from violating our sovereignty, shoot them down. Only then the Army would be living up to the expectations of the nation; otherwise General Kayanis words would turn out to be no more than hot air.