The recent developments on the political horizon has left the entire nation completely dumb founded. The PPP is perhaps desperate to complete its term at any cost and PML(Q) appears to be all out to meet its political death by accepting alliance with PPP. Recalling the statements of the leaders of PML(Q) of the recent past where they have been telling the nation that anybody joining the PPP cannot be a Muslim leaguer and have been condemning PPP and its government policies in the worst possible manner. On the other hand, the PPP government has been calling PML(Q) as Qatil league i.e killer of their leader Shaheed Benazir. The public feels that all the leaders are purchasable commodity either in cash or in kind, an offer of few ministries to a political party at federal or provincial level can change the political scenario in our country. The somersaults by our politicians are condemnable. This game of See-Saw must stop now. The country cannot afford to suffer politically anymore. Our leaders should show some character and stick to their principles or party stands. The government should concentrate on good governance rather than wasting time on wheeling and dealing in order to prolong their rule. It is wrong to say "nothing is final in politics" or "this is the beauty of democracy". The latest move of PPP to rope in other parties in the government is nothing else but to save their government from falling. It is definitely an unholy alliance. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, April 22.