LAHORE - The name of Sardar Maqsood Ahmad Khan Leghari for new Punjab Governor is under consideration as consensus candidate for the coveted slot if the much-talked about power-sharing deal between the PPP and PML-Q is finally struck. Indeed, not a good news for the sitting Governor Sardar Latif Ahmad Khan Khosa who has already started efforts to undo the plan. Sources in the PPP said that both the parties have reached consensus over Maqsood Legharis name for Punjabs Governorship, but this is subject to agreement over other conditions put forward by the PML-Q to join the Federal government. The sources further said that though PPP leadership is disinclined to giving Punjabs Governorship to PML-Q, however, the latter is insisting on having this important slot to strengthen its position in Punjab vis--vis the PML-N. The PML-Q leaders think that once their partys man is in the Governor House, they might be in a better position to win back their estranged legislators in Punjab Assembly now aligned with Sharifs. If this happens, they also see an opportunity to topple PML-N government with PPPs support, said the sources. It has been learnt that Chaudhrys of Gujrat have put their entire weight behind Maqsood Ahmad Leghari whom they believe can turn the things in their partys favour at a time when the party needs cohesion ahead of the coming elections. The politician from D.G Khan not only enjoys the confidence of PML-Q bigwigs, he is also in the good books of President Asif Ali Zardari with whom he had a long meeting recently at the Presidency presumably in the context of his elevation as Punjab Governor. It is interesting to note that apart from the issue of Maqsoods expected elevation as Punjab Governor, a parallel move is also underway from PPP side to bring Maqsood Leghari to the party fold to consolidate its position in DG Khan district. A graduate from Government College Lahore, Sardar Maqsood is son of Ahmad Khan Leghari and first cousin of former President of Pakistan Sardar Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari. The PPP leadership likes him because he has emerged as an ardent political opponent of his late cousin over the years. He had been contesting elections against Farooq Leghari and his sons since 1997. He defeated Farooq Legharis son Jamal Leghari in the contest for Zila Nazim in 2005. The 67-year old Sardar had been Chairman, District Council D.G. Khan for three terms. Having been elected to the National Assembly in 1985; he served as Federal Minister for Labour & Manpower during 1985-88. He has also served as member Punjab Assembly since 1988, having been elected for the fourth term, in 1997. He was Provincial Minister for Food from 1988 to 1989 and Minister for Irrigation & Power from 1993 to 1996. As the things stand now, PPP is not in favour of making any new (mis)adventure in Punjab after failure of a previous one in 2009. But in case PML-Q succeeds in winning over the Unification Bloc members with Maqsood Leghari as Governor, it may support its move to dislodge Punjab government provided the new Chief Minister is from PPP. The PPP will remain behind the scene allowing PML-Q to take charge of the whole venture which may prove a misadventure given PML-Ns influence over members of the Unification Bloc.