LAHORE – Lahore Waste Management Company has failed to implement the new cleaning system for the entire City in letter and spirit and is still passing through the experimental phase by introducing the new system in only 16 union councils out of a total 150 UCs of the provincial capital so far, TheNation has learnt on Monday.

It is also learnt that LWMC failed to take decision starting the second phase of the newly-introduced cleaning system in the remaining UCs of the City despite the fact that half of the deadline, given by Punjab Chief Minister (three months), had passed. He claimed on the inauguration of the new machinery that the City would be cleaned in three months and it would be one of the most neat and clean cities in the world.

Punjab CM imported the new machinery for implementing new cleaning system on March 11 while the two Turkish companies started work on the project on March 15. It may be added that both the companies initially were given task of cleaning 16 UCs of the City collectively by dividing these areas into two zones comprising eight UCs for each zone as first part of the experimental phase.

It was witnessed that during the first phase, both companies started working in their areas with the help of the latest machinery including compactors, trucks and waste lifters for collecting waste and garbage from the newly installed dumpsters and containers at different intersections of the concerned UCs.

They also started cleaning with the help of sweeping machines and road washers but faced hardships initially in this process, especially during door to door distribution of plastic bags for collecting home waste.

However, Managing Director LWMC, Wasim Ajmal Chaudhry talking to The Nation claimed that the new cleaning system is successful and the Company would meet the deadline given by the CM. He said that both Turkish companies are working according to plan and are successful in achieving the targets in one month despite initially troubles in managing the system especially Albaryak Company was facing troubles in washing roads.

He said both companies are collecting 90 percent waste from their areas which are about 300 tons daily, while the waste collection earlier was not more than 60 percent while the target, set for daily waste collection is 600 tons. He said that the Company has only one hundred vehicles including other machinery so far out of 500.approved initially.

He said that the remaining machinery is in processes and would soon reach Pakistan, which would help in improving their performance.

“A visible change can be witnessed in areas such as Karim Park, Kasurpura and areas around Ichra.