ISLAMABAD -  Seven senior journalists have submitted applications to the Supreme Court to become party in the Information Ministry secret funds case.

The applicants, in their pleas, took the stand that the report issued about the secret funds was false and based on mala fide intentions. They prayed to the court to give them a chance to be heard, and take legal action against those who included their names on the list with mala fide intentions.

The apex court will resume the hearing of the case on Thursday (today), with Asma Jahangir appearing as counsel for Nawa-i-Waqt Group Deputy Managing Director Rameeza Nizami, Waqt News anchorperson Fareeha Idrees and Express News anchorperson Munezay Jahangir. And Salman Akram Raja appearing as counsel for Rauf Klasra, Iftikhar Ahmed and Raza Rumi.

SANA news agency Editor-in-Chief Shakeel Ahmed Turabi is also learnt to have filed a plea to become a party in the instant case.

Rameeza Nizami, Fareeha Idress and Munezay Jahangir also wrote a letter to Information Ministry seeking explanation that how their names ended up on the secret funds list. They maintained that the ministry should apologise over the list and that they reserve the right to take a legal action.