Lahore - PTI chairman Imran Khan Wednesday vowed to hunt down the ‘tiger’ in the general elections, prophesying the PML-N defeat which is contesting polls with tiger as its electoral symbol.

Imran made this declaration while addressing a press conference on the occasion of joining of 67 former nazimeen at a local hotel. He claimed that several political parties wanted to forge alliance with the Pakistan Tehrik-Insaf but they would bank on the ‘vote of change’.

“Neither I nor any of my party leaders will forge alliance with any party, as the PTI is in alliance with the people of Pakistan... (Even) the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz wanted to forge coalition with us due to PTI’s fear factor but we have decided in principle not to join hands with parties which are part of the problem.” Imran alleged that Punjab was facing poor situation on every front because the former provincial chief minister Shahbaz Sharif kept the funds of various departments, which came into the provincial pool after the 18th amendment, in his own fist and used the same as political bribes to the parliamentarians. Saying that local governments were the best system to address the problems of the masses at their doorstep, he promised to conduct the local polls within 90 days of their coming to power.

He accused both the PPP and PML-N of fooling the masses during their governments at centre and province, saying that the top leaderships of both the parties protected each other’s ‘crimes’. He questioned, “What kind of democracy is this in which huge number of law enforcers are deputed for the protocol of kings of PML-N and PPP and their offspring instead of protecting the common man.”

 Imran said that apart from ruling at centre, both these parties grabbed power five times in Sindh and Punjab and did nothing for the masses and questioned why the people should vote for them for yet another time. He expressed the hope that people of Pakistan would vote for change in the general elections to send the agents of real change to the assemblies.

Imran criticism only to please PPP, says PML-N

Responding to PTI Chief Imran Khan’s challenge of face-to-face debate with PML-N President Nawaz Sharif and his criticism of party, PML-N spokesperson Senator Pervaiz Rashid has termed Imran’s allegations a move to please the Zardari-led PPP.

He said it was surprising that Imran hardly passed any adverse remarks against the PPP and its leadership despite the fact it was PPP which pushed the country into darkness and looted the national exchequer.

He further said that the PML-N has a glorious record of national service, progress and development.

Pervaiz Rashid also questioned why Imran Khan ran away from the election contest with Nawaz Sharif and why he is hard on former Punjab government for giving the nation a modern and comfortable travelling facility through Metro Bus Project.