Provincial Minister for Health and Education, Salima Hashmi, on Wednesday inaugurated three-day exhibition of Czech glass and porcelain products at Alhamra Arts Council here.

Addressing on the occasion the provincial minister said that the Czech government, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has hosted the show as well as the exhibition as part of their initiative to enhance cultural cooperation and economic linkages with Pakistan. The glass and porcelain show will conclude on April 26, 2013 (Friday). More than eight leading Czech glass and porcelain manufacturing companies displayed their products while a live glass blowing show (a manufacturing process) was also performed by world famous artist, Jiri Pacinek, of the Czech Republic, which was a rare opportunity for the public to witness. A large number of audiences enjoyed and appreciated the live show of great artists.

Pacinek organised two-hour glass workshop for students. First, it was a short explanation about the practical part of glass manufacturing and then followed by a slow motion explanation of the glass blowing techniques and shaping of molted glass. At the end, the students also tried to blow their own piece of glass.It is to be noted that Jiri Pacinek, leading the workshop, has taught and is associated with the top glass institutes of the world, AJETO and Novobor, in the Czech Republic, and Leon Applebaum, USA.

The pieces he has created over the past years have found their way to leading museums and private art collections.

Pacinek cooperates closely with the architect Borek Sipek who designed the interior (including glass decorations) of the presidential living rooms and the presidential offices of the former President of Czech Republic at the Prague Castle (traditional historic seat of Czech kings and presidents).