A mother of three children was found hanging from the ceiling at her house in Qila Gujjar Singh area, police investigators said Wednesday.

The family told the police that the deceased, Najma Bibi, 35, had been residing in the three-Marla house of her parents in the Dhobi Ghaat locality.

Her mother and sisters were forcing her to vacate the old residence so that all the family members could get their shares from the inherited property worth millions of rupees.

“She was very up set as she had no place to live in case she vacated the house,” a local resident told the police.

However, her husband, Javed, alleged that the mother of his wife and her sisters strangled her to death when she was present alone at home. The police have removed the body to the morgue for an autopsy and are investigating with no arrest made yet. 

The body of the deceased was hanging from the ceiling fan with a piece of cloth tied to her neck as we reached the house, police investigators said. “We will take legal action after the autopsy report, which will determine the cause of death,” a police investigator told reporters at the city morgue.

Suicide is considered a criminal offence, with punitive laws imposed in place for attempted suicide. National suicide statistics are never compiled on a formal level nor officially reported. But a report, based over a period of two years, showed over 300 suicide deaths in the country. Most of the women commit suicide over domestic pressure, violence or relationship affairs.


A prisoner attempted suicide by cutting his body parts with a blade in the Camp Jail on Wednesday. He was immediately rushed to a hospital, where his condition was reported to be out of danger late Wednesday.

The prisoner, Shahid alias Kaka, had been jailed on the charges of robberies and gun assault, police said. The inmate told police that he attempted suicide to escape regular torture by the hail officials. The police are investigating.

A father of four children was electrocuted to death in the Nishtar Colony area. Police said that Siddique was repairing the wires at the rooftop of his house in the Yuhanabad area when sustained severe electric shocks.