lahore - In a latest political development regarding electoral arena of the provincial capital, the Jamaat-e-Islami and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz are pondering over for seat adjustment in NA-121 and its allied provincial constituencies, The Nation learnt here Wednesday.

A senior JI leader on the condition of anonymity told the scribe that some well-wishers of the parties suggested them for seat adjustment in NA-121 and its subordinate provincial constituencies.

He said, “If the seat adjustment is agreed, the JI will surrender PP-149 and PP-150 seats, supporting PML-N candidates Rana Mashhood Khan and Mehr Ishtiaq. And, in response, the PML-N will surrender NA-121 seat, supporting JI contender Fareed Paracha.”

It is to be mentioned here that PML-N candidate Mehr Ishtiaq is contesting on NA-121 and its subordinate constituency PP-150.

The JI leader further said all the political parties have been using every possible measure to grab success in elections. He said, “We’ll try to make such adjustments with other parties also if possible.” 

In NA 121, the PTI and PPP have named Barrister Hammad Azhar and Aurangzeb Barki respectively. And, if the PML-N and JI succeed to make seat adjustment, the contest will be among JI’s Fareed Pacha, PTI’s Barrister Hammad Azhar and PPP’s Aurangzeb Barki.

It is also to be mentioned here that JI’s headquarter Mansoora falls in the constituency wherein the party has relatively good number of voters.

Reportedly, the PML-N is considering for a similar give and take deal with the JI by withdrawing its candidate Anjum Aqeel Khan from NA-48 in favour of JI contender Mian Muhammad Aslam. 

In return, the JI will withdraw its candidate Zubair Farooq Khan from NA-49 wherein the PML-N had fielded Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry.