All political clans who were part of ruling collaboration (2008-13) are being targeted. They had all the administrative and legislative powers, during last five years; they had police, Frontier Corps, armed forces and security services at their disposal. Was this not long enough a period to root out the carnage destroying our country? Leadership necessitates sacrifice, but all our leaders did was to divert all available resources for their own protection and forgot about the masses and most of all the duties that their loyal voters entrusted to them. I would like to request them to stop playing victims now.

These events are also a big question mark on their performance, capabilities and capacity to sacrifice. People have not begged them to offer their services for this country. They are marketing themselves for expanding their businesses and properties. They should be able to protect themselves first. My question, to the concerned quarters is how can they protect us? Why should people of Pakistan pay for their safety?


Lahore, April 18.