Information Secretary of Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaaf on Wednesday questioned integrity of the Gallup Pakistan and asked media to expose all those departments and institutions that are confusing the masses by conducting fake surveys.

"Let the people of Pakistani know who the man doctor Gilani is. Let me tell you that this man, heading Gallup Pakistan, has been associated with former two-time Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif since long. Dr Gilani served as advisor to then prime Mister Nawaz Sharif from 1991-1993. He had served as Chairman of the PM's Committee for Research and Analysis situated in the PM House that time. How can he remain impartial while conducting surveys," Dr Shireen Mazari, the PTI Information Secretary, questioned while addressing a packed media conference here.

She lashed out at what she called as 'doctored poll' conducted by Gallup-Pakistan and questioned the credibility not only of the poll but also of the institution itself and the gentleman heading it.  "Let me tell you, Gallup Pakistan has nothing to do with the US-based Gallup, Inc. rather, it is associated with the UK-based Gallup International Association, which works primarily through its website and has no good reputation in the research market for handing out affiliations all over the world," claimed Dr Mazari.

She said that it was in 2006 that Gallup Pakistan was denied registration of the "Gallup" trademark in Pakistan after the Trademark Registrar received objections from Gallup, Inc. Later, a US court ruled in favour of the Gallup, Inc. after the company complained of trademark infringement when Gallup Pakistan's Dr. Gilani took part in a US radio show and used the name Gallup Pakistan to describe the company.

In contrast she gave out a more comprehensive poll conducted by IRIS Communications a firm that has been in the business of conducting polls for the corporate sector as well, with a wider and more representative sampling base.

According to IRIS's extensive survey it is clear that the PTI post intra-party elections and 23rd March jalsa returned to a strong showing in the polls.

Dr Mazari stated that clearly the Gallup poll was tied to the claims being made by the Sharifs in their electioneering that a vote against PML-N is a vote for PTI. This is clear misguiding of the voters and is a breach the Code of Conduct put out by the ECP. She called on the ECP to take note of this serious and deliberate confusion being created by PML-N's disinformation campaign.

She asked the media to disregard doctored surveys by partisan organizations and look at the polls put out by internationally credible institutions.

She reiterated that this time the people of Pakistan are wise to the disinformation being put out by the status quo, family-oriented parties.