National Fertilizers Marketing Limited (NFML) is being run by retired officers who were rehired in the department after being given golden handshake under Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS), said well placed sources in the NFML on Wednesday.

Certain other officers who had accepted VRS six years back but they were not relieved at that time when department would have to pay to them Rs 2 to 3 million under that VRS scheme. Sources claimed that now the NFML will have to pay these officers additional Rs 10 million per officer if these officers are treated under VRS. “Had these officers relieved at that time the company would have saved millions of rupees”, said an officer of NFML seeking anonymity.

Sources in NFML claimed that 98 per cent of the senior officers who accepted golden handshake under VRS and received millions of rupees under this scheme about six years back have been rehired. Not only these officers were rehired but also have been appointed on lucrative posts and were also being promoted to next grade.

Those who accepted VRS in the past but were not relieved included, Deputy General Manager Qudrat Ullah, Regional Manager Jhang Asim Azeem, Regional Manager Lodhran Javed Iqbal, Regional Manager Sakhar Gulsher Ahmad Chachar, and Go-down Incharge Karachi Amjad Iqbal. Apart from these above said officers, Deputy Manager,Tariq Saeed served as Incharge Personnel and Administration department for twelve years.

In the year 2008 when PPP government took over it was planned by the government to close the department but then government changed its strategy and changed the role of company rather than closing down it. Then the company was supposed to import Urea from foreign countries and supply it to dealers. But above-mentioned officers who themselves had sought VRS were not relieved only to bless them with more perks in future.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, an officer of NFML said, “These officers are not only burden on the national exchequer but also a hindrance in promotion of regular officers and employees”. He said that these officers were drawing millions of rupees under ‘medical head’ from the company since at the time of hiring company assured them that it will provide them 100 percent medical cover. Sources claimed that most of the officers prepare fake medical bills and receive huge money from the company. All these officers were drawing about five to ten lacs rupees from company in the name of medical allowance whereas every officer was drawing from Rs 50000 to Rs. 150000 against monthly salary. These officers were not only depriving new generation from serving in the company by occupying seats but also hindering promotion process of the regular and bonafide officers of the company, an officer said.

No merit policy was being followed at the time of appointment of new officers since an officer was appointed as Manager Legal who did not qualify for that post and a simply BA passed officer was appointed as Manager Finance, lamented an officer of NFML.