KHANEWAL - Former Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif said that PTI chief Imran Khan was working to save the interest of President Zardari, therefore he criticises only the PML-N and its leadership.

He said that Zardari has now very much sure that the latter’s party would face defeat, therefore he was utilising Imran Khan now. He was delivering a speech during a public meeting held in sports stadium here on Wednesday in connection with electioneering.

He said that Zardari and his cronies looted the national resources ruthlessly, pushed the country and the nation into darkness and set records of corruption during the last five years, which every Pakistani was “ashamed of”. He said he was proud of talking to the great people of Khanewal because Khanewal has always proved it a stronghold of PML-N.

He added that in the previous elections, his party lost some seats from South Punjab, but “now we are hopeful of getting victories from the region, and with the power of vote the PML-N will come to power”. He said that the PPP-led government deprived the masses of livelihood, filled only their pockets and made the nation bankrupt. He also alleged that the PPP and the PTI were working as allies for forthcoming general elections.

He said that the people will have to bring Nawaz Sharif to power through the power of vote in order to saving the country and eliminating corruption. He claimed that the PML-N would eliminate electricity loadshedding crisis within two years after coming to power. He vowed that if the PML-N came into power, it would remove darkness of electricity from the country under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif.

He reiterated that projects like Metro Bus will be launched in big cities throughout the country including Karachi and will usher a new era of development. He said that Punjab government had completed mega development projects expeditiously in a very transparent manner throughout the province during the last five years which are unprecedented. He said that if corruption of even a single penny is proved in the projects completed during the last five years, he will be accountable to the people. Sharif also added that a revolutionary policy has been evolved for equipping the young generation with modern knowledge, and for distributing laptops among male and female students on merit.

 He said that some political leaders are just promising with the youth, but the PML-N has delivered as solar panels were also distributed free of cost among male and female students under Ujala Programme for continuing their studies during loadshedding. Shahbaz said that solid steps have also been taken for the promotion of agriculture and prosperity of farmers. He said that green tractors were given to small farmers with a subsidy of Rs200,000. He vowed that if people again gave an opportunity of service, the development process would be continued throughout the country. Shahbaz said the sun of May 11, 2013 would herald the PML-N’s victory.

PML-N candidate for NA-156 Syed Fakkar Iman and PML-N leader Haji Irfan while addressing the gathering said that their party will emerge as the leading party at the end of election day. They urged the gathering to vote for PML-N.