Water crisis has looming large in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

With the advent of summer, water shortage is getting worse with every passing day in the federal capital, especially in sectors I-8, I-10 and G-10.

Dozens of residents of Sector I-10 are forced to either buy water containers on higher rates or install their own water pumps.

The residents said that it was just the beginning of summer season and water has become too low than demand. They said the situation hinted that the crisis could get extremely worse in coming days.

According to officials of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), reserves of water in Simly Dam are satisfactory and 25 million gallons per day water could be supplied to the city from the dam. They said that water crisis is severe in those sectors, which are supplied water from tube-wells.  The officials said the civic authority changed the older motors of tube wells with less power motors with the help of USAID to save electricity. The change helped lessen the electricity expenditures but production of water also decreased, culminating in the water crisis, they said.

The CDA officials admitted that the civic body receives about 600 water related complaints daily. Putting the whole responsibility on electricity breakdowns, they said six to eight hours loadshedding was hampering smooth water supply to some sectors of the federal capital.

Residents of the federal capital demanded of the chairman CDA to take notice of the situation and devise a contingency plan for smooth supply of water in summer. The Punjab capital has also fallen short of potable water though Chief Minister Najam Sethi has repeatedly ordered Wasa to ensure the supply and get out-of order tubewell repaired while the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) has been dragging its feet over the matter.  Mozang, Sanda, Samanabad, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Shahdara and Bund Road areas have been facing acute shortage of potable water.

Top officials cited unannounced loadshedding as reason for the water woes while their subordinates complained of irregular fuel supply for generators.