CHESHIRE TG - A British woman with a rare disorder eats up to 2,500 calories a night in her sleep. Lesley Cusack, 55, keeps herself on a strict diet during the day because she has no control over what she eats while asleep at night. The mother-of-three from Warrington, Cheshire, said: “I can only tell by the remains in the morning. I tend to find opened tins of things or packets and I’ve no idea whether I’ve eaten some of them cold or not. Sometimes I’ve found soup in pans, but also in bowls - it all can get rather messy. I’ve put alarms on my doors in the hope it will wake me up. It doesn’t work though. I simply turn it off in my sleep. I’m trying lose weight but it’s a constant battle.” Cusack believes she has suffered from Sleep Related Eating Disorder (SRED) for several years. She said: “My children tell me now that they never really thought about it whilst they were young, except for when chocolate went missing. I would always try to buy it back to cover it up.”