MIRPUR (AJK)-AJK Prime Minister Abdul Majeed on Wednesday posed full confidence in the Pak Army and its intelligence wing Inter Services Intelligence, and demanded end to criticism on the institutions.

Addressing a press conference here in Kashmir House, he said that the nation hailed the sacrifices of Pakistan. The premier said that the allegations on the biggest intelligence agency without any substantial proof had tarnished the country’s image.

“The armed forces of Pakistan have laid incalculable sacrifices to guarding every inch of Pakistan’s land. Our agencies are the guarantors of national security. All the institutions should be given due reverence and one must think before humiliating the institutions and putting the national security at stake,” he added.

He also condemned the cowardly attack on senior anchor Hamid Mir and prayed for his early recovery.

He said the incident must be probed and the culprit be brought to book. “Our intelligence agencies are the thinktank of our defense. We pay tribute to their sacrifices and laud their role in protecting the land. One must not forget their role before speaking against them,” he emphasised.

Mr Majeed reiterated that farcical polls in Indian Held Kashmir can never replace the plebiscite for the right to self-determination. “The United Nations has passed resolutions on Kashmir and both Pakistan and India have agreed to give the Kashmiris their fundamental right but the UN itself has failed to implement the resolutions which gives India license to kill innocent Kashmiris,” he observed.

The prime minister held that such acts of so-called polls were nothing but to bluff the international community. “The country which hangs the Kashmiris just to please the public keeping aside the constitution is trying to suppress the voices of the people of the state by conducting such false elections,” he maintained.

The AJK premier announced to hold All Parties Conference on April 30 to expose Indian atrocities and real face to the world and also to adopt a common strategy for freedom movement. He termed Pakistan the Kashmiris’ advocate and final destination. AJK advisors Amjad Yousaf and Syed Azadar Shah and several of his cabinet colleagues were also present.