Janet Khel is an area located in FR region of District Tank, KPK. A member of the TTP, Asmatullah Shaheen belongs to this area. Janet Khel is the crossroad for Punjab, Baluchistan and SWA. It is actually the financial capital of the TTP. Most of the people kidnapped, from all over the country, are kept and cashed here. It is a ‘no go’ area even for the security forces. Knowing the entire state of affairs, security forces are silent for unknown reasons. Ransom has become a culture and a  profession in our country.

It has become an easy business for many political parties, law enforcing agencies, religious parties, media men and other fiendish organizations. They finance themselves via ransom money. By this, they buy latest weapons, hire and pay their workers and fund their leaders. Earlier it existed only in Karachi but now it has spread across the country. TTP, LeJ and other terrorist groups have adopted it. Polio workers, teachers, businessmen, sons of feudal lords, members of UN missions and foreigners working on different projects are the easiest prey. No one is safe and no place is safe!

Government is busy in dialogue with the outlaws and has no point in its agenda regarding these kidnappings and ransom. Our law enforcement agencies are either dormant or involved as they are also not taking any action against these culprits. How to finish them when they have the backing of strong political and religious parties sitting in the parliament!

Businessmen are shifting their businesses from Pakistan, brilliant people are migrating to other countries creating a huge brain drain, mothers are dying of grief of losing their children. It is responsibility of the state to protect the masses and their properties. Masses have become unsafe and discontented, and they should remember that when masses come out to protest the government will find no place to hide. Before the situation gets out of control we must bridle these criminals, for that is what they really are.


Jhang, April 21.