The deadly attack on senior anchor Hamid Mir on April 19, 2014 in Karachi is another attempt to create a rift between the civilian Government and Pakistan Army, along with ISI. It is a continuation of a well planned conspiracy to defame and humiliate Pakistan Army and leading intelligence agency, ISI, to achieve their objectives such as decentralize and destabilize Pakistan, due to the fact that both these organizations are a hurdle in their way. Our enemies have at least created turmoil and succeeded in creating a chaos.

The million dollar question is why would ISI try to kill Hamid Mir? Didn’t they know that such an act would start a never ending blame game and they would be the main targets? Is it not possible that Hamid Mir was convinced by his “so called friends but in fact the hidden enemies of Pakistan” to watch out for ISI, as they may kill him, and he told the same to his family and real friends? It is time everyone act as a responsible person, without being emotional, to find the real culprits and conspirators behind this attack on.

Perhaps this attack should be seen with a different perspective as the ISI chief Lt.Gen Zaheer ul Islam recently gave a briefing to the Defence Cabinet Committee. He has clearly mentioned the names of those countries intelligence agencies which are involved in terrorism in Pakistan. India, as expected was on top of the list. The fact is that some internal and external elements do not like to see our civil and military establishment on the same page and are trying their best to manipulate our public to put them on a wrong track, a track which cannot lead anywhere but to a self destruction.

In no other country, the public gets dragged into the intelligence affairs as they do in Pakistan which should be stopped. We should learn a lesson from the fall of Soviet Union. The country was made politically and economically weak and simultaneously the famous KGB was targeted and the end result is known to everyone. Are we compelled to follow the same path of self destruction as we are digging our own graves?

My appeal is to everyone to wake up, wake up before a point of no return is reached which will be a disaster for our beloved country. Show the enemy our unity, faith and discipline and become a nationalist instead of an individualist, as this is only way for our survival.


Lahore, April 20.