Children – full of innocence, whether of the rich or the poor – have same rights, desires and wants. But unfortunately, as children of the rich dress up early morning in uniforms and head off to school the kids of poor watch them helplessly, suppressing their wish to acquire knowledge.

Child labour is a complicated problem plaguing all the countries, especially Asia, Africa and Latin America. Child labour is an outcome of a multitude of socio-economic factors like lack of job opportunities, uneven distribution of resources, increasing poverty level and population.

The children of the poor are forced to work at nominal wages because of psychological, social and materialistic pressures.

Such children forget all pleasures of childhood and start working to meet their economic needs. Child labour affects; or better calling it harms, these children in one way or the other. They are forced to work in unhygienic condition, even in hazardous areas like underground mines, deal with cutting machinery, metal furnaces which are all sources of harm to children. Lack of education reduces power of differentiating one of the bitter sides of child labour – child trafficking.  In Pakistan, children of this age in Pakistan are engaged in child labour. There is no security of social life, neither any aid plan nor allowance for such children.

The government should draft laws to put a halt to this “Isolated Phenomenon”. Education should be made compulsory even for making children, helping them financially on a prolonged basis. Awareness should be raised at all levels to eliminate this crime from our country.

As said, “Child labour and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labour of children as the treatment for the social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labour till the end of time”