LONDON : British police reached out to Muslim women on Thursday in an attempt to prevent young people going to fight in Syria , after a sharp rise in arrests related to the conflict.
Counter-terrorism officials launched a national campaign to raise awareness of the risks of travelling to Syria , especially for those who just want to offer humanitarian aid. The campaign was prompted by an increase in the number of Britons caught travelling or returning from Syria , from 25 arrests last year to 40 in the first three months of 2014.
Several of those arrested were subsequently charged with terrorism-related offences. Only last week, a father from Brighton on England’s southern coast, Abubaker Deghayes, revealed that three of his sons had gone to fight in Syria , one of whom was killed in a battle.
Abdullah Deghayes, 18, died earlier this month after leaving Britain in January, while his 20-year-old brother Amer suffered a bullet wound to the stomach in the same fighting.
“We are increasingly concerned about the numbers of young people who have or are intending to travel to Syria to join the conflict,” said Helen Ball, senior national coordinator for counter-terrorism.
“We want to ensure that people, particularly women , who are concerned about their loved ones are given enough information about what they can do to prevent this from happening.
“We want to increase their confidence in the police and partners to encourage them to come forward so that we can intervene and help.”