ISLAMABAD- Secretary General Jammu Kashmir Council for Human Rights Dr. Nazir Gilani has said that according to the UN resolution, Kashmiris have “Third Option” but unfortunately for 30 years the Kashmir issue has not been raised in United Nations.

Addressing to a reception in honor of newly elected office bearers of Kashmir Journalists Forum (KJF), he said that according to the rules any issue which does not come on the agenda of UN charter that issue is automatically expunged from the agenda and unfortunately Kashmir issue has not been raised in UN since 1965 to 1996, so this issue has been expunged from future UN agenda. It is the situation now that we have to raise this issue before UN every year.

Dr Nazir said that although there are options of Pakistan and India in UN resolution however UN’s proceeding regarding Kashmir issue can be fruitful for Kashmiris. It is fact that India brought Kashmir issue before UN but there was third option for Kashmiris in first Indian application to UN on Kashmir issue an on the base of that application Kashmiri can approach UN.

He further said that UN had fixed the responsibilities for Pakistan and India but unfortunately both countries failed to perform their duties. The presence of India and Pakistan in occupied Kashmir IOK and in Azad Kashmir respectively is for the time being.

Pakistan has admitted in interim constitution 1974 of Azad Kashmir that its writ in Azad Kashmir is not everlasting but it is the responsibility of Pakistan to raise the voice for Kashmiri’s right of self determination.

He further said that government in Indian occupied Kashmir can show the way to India for leaving the territory as per the UN resolution because UN has given mandate to India to protect the Kashmiris but India failed in provision of protection. Indian forces have killed on lac Kashmiris after 1990 and Pakistan also failed to perform its duties, he added. There is no provision of independent Kashmir in UN resolutions and in presence of lacunas in UN resolution Kashmiri can approach UN to get addressed their grievances.

Responding to a question he said that the four point formula of ex President Pervez Musharraf has divided the opinion of Kashmiri masses but we on early stage rejected the Musharraf formula, however some Kashmiri leaders accepted the same.

It is the time when Kashmiris have to convey their voice to common people of Pakistan and India because the all Indians are ot enemy of Kashmiris. Azad Kashmir, occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan are the three major parts of Kashmir.

Raja Asghar, president KJF Aijaz Abbasi and Secretary General KJF Abid Khurshid also addressed to the participants of reception.