LAHORE  - All the mainstream political parties will test their political fate today (Saturday) while fighting the battle for 20 seats of two zones of provincial capital’s Cantonment Boards.

The so far assessments hints at the strong possibilities of a real competition between the PML-N and PTI, while PPP and JI can also make some upsets along with some potential independent candidates.

However one can assess the possibilities of victory of defeat of any political player on the basis of their visible support but the silent and undecided voters sometimes turn the tables on the key political players.

The part of the city which falls under the jurisdictions of the two Cantonment Boards is giving a festive look with posters, banners and flexes of various candidates who would see the political contest on the grass root level after 17 years.

The voters and supporters of various are also very excited to experience the political activity for the local bodies polls’.

The local bodies system is believed to be the nursery for a person making efforts to build his career in the electoral politics and it is a saying among the old politicians lot that a politician who makes his/her way in the local electoral system accomplishes the first step for climbing up to the provincial and national legislatures. Many of the incumbent political breed started their career from the local bodies elections.

The polling for 20 seats (wards) namely Lahore Cantonment Board and Walton Cantonment Board will start from 8:00 am and culminates at 5:00 pm without any interval at the male, female and combined polling stations.

The returning officers for the two boards held marathon meetings with the polling staff to know about any of their last minute problems in an effort for the smooth sailing of the polling process on Saturday.

As the army’s troops have also been deployed for the ensuring security and smooth electioneering, Station Commander Lahore also held meetings with the Returning Officers for a coordinated plan on the day of the polling today.

Meanwhile, according to CCPO Lahore, five thousand police personnel have been deployed for the security duties of Cantonment Boards local elections.

He said that police pickets would also be set up in different parts of the City to check any untoward activity or incident.

He added that police patrolling under the command of two SPs and two DSPs has also been put in action to check the law and order situation.