The improper disposal of medical waste by the local hospitals is posing serious threat to the people visiting the hospitals especially doctors and paramedical staff.

A patient said that incinerator of the hospital has been out of order since long and the administration disposes off the medical waste unsafely posing serious healthcare threats to patients, attendants, medical fraternity and the environment.

The big quantity of health hazardous materials like used disposable syringes, drips, urine or blood bags, needles, fluids and other used wastage are carelessly dumped.

An official said sanitary workers sort out disposable syringes, drips and the bags and then other material is thrown to garbage dumps as the incinerators of hospitals are out of order. Sources said big hospitals dump their waste in garbage points, rather than burning safely it in incinerators. Not only the government but many privately-run hospitals and dispensaries also throw their waste in open places.

The local health and environment protection departments have failed to check the dangerous trend of dumping the hospital waste and reusing the syringes in hospitals and clinics. This is a serious threat for the patients, attendants, and doctors as they can catch diseases like Hepatitis B and C and HIV if they come in contact to the dangerous hospital waste. The reuse of disposal syringes leads to spread of communicable diseases like Hepatitis C.

Dr Naseer Ahmed Kahlon said medical waste should be dumped scientifically otherwise risk of infectious disease might increase.  He said improperly dumped medical disposal causes bacterial, fungal and viral infections. He informed there are multiple chances of developing of hepatitis B & C and HIV diseases in children who collect medical wastes from garbage points.

Artists, arts termed cultural asset

Punjab Parliamentary Secretary Rana Muhammad Arshad termed the artistes and art cultural asset of society, saying that the Punjab government was paying attention to encouragement and welfare of the artistes.

He was addressing a function arranged by Cultural Journalist Foundation and Information and Culture Department at PILAC here on Friday

MPA Arsahd said that the Punjab government on the instructions of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, was striving hard to resolve the problems being confronted by artistes.

Ha informed that Cinema tax had been abolished for the promotion of cultural activities and provision of inexpensive recreational facilities to the masses. He said that senior artistes were national asset and their services cannot be ignored.

He said that Munawar Zarif, Moeen Akhtar, Mastana and Babu Baral were great comedians and the nation would never forget their services.