LAHORE: Punjab Education Foundation Chairman Engineer Qamarul Islam Raja has said that the landmark “Parho Punjab, Barho Punjab” is a key to prosperous society

He stated this while addressing a roundtable conference on “Challenges and opportunities in education” which held under the aegis of Ghazali Education Trust (GET) at its office on Friday.

“The Punjab government fully believes in progress through education and for that purpose, all-out resources are provided to the education sector so that no one is left unattended. When every child in Punjab will be in school, then the darkness of ignorance and shackles of poverty will be broken forever,” the PEF chairman added. Qamar said that the ideal educational system should encourage and promote creative thinking and forward-looking approach in the budding minds so that these growing creatures of Almighty Allah could find solutions of problems around them and become an effective part of the overall system as an individual.Giving example of South Korea which followed five year plan of Pakistan government in the past and progressed through sustained efforts and policies, he said that the Koreans progressed through a system of qualitative education which helped every child to excel and exhibit full potential.–Staff Reporter

Keeping in view the international success models of national progress and prosperity, the Punjab government has also made education-promotion as its top priority. In this regard, the private sector should come forward and lend a hand so that the composite struggle could change the destiny of the nation, he added.

“PEF has included private sector in education-promotion at the grassroots and improved teaching skills of the teachers through free trainings so that the students could get quality education. Transparency will be ensured in dealing with private school partners and training provider organizations as it is our proud hallmark,” he added.

He further said that no leniency would be tolerated in achieving organizational goals according to their deadlines. He maintained that PEF has introduced child-friendly schooling and this has motivated the students towards education. Similarly, the element of character building has also been well taken care of.

Executive Director of GET, Aamir Mehmood Jaffrey also spoke on the occasion and presented performance report of the GET.