ISLAMABAD - The Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms (PCER) on Friday welcomed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) legislators for their participation in the committee meeting after a long time, besides updating them about the proceedings of the previous meetings of the committee and the work undertaken by its subcommittee.

Chairing the committee meeting Federal Minister Ishaq Dar updated the PTI members on proceedings of the previous meetings of the committee and the work undertaken by its subcommittee.

 Dar also invited PTI to attend meetings of the subcommittee and put forth their proposals on reforms in the electoral system.

The chairman of the subcommittee Zahid Hamid, thereafter, briefed the meeting that it had completed consideration of Representation of People’s Act (RoPA) and related proposals. Further it had also undertaken review of five other laws including Delimitation of Constituencies Act 1974, Electoral Rolls Act 1974, Political Parties Order, 2002, Allocation of Symbols Order, 2002, Election Commission Order, 2002 related to election process in the country. Simultaneously, the subcommittee had also studied proposals received about each law.

The chair was informed that on the request of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the subcommittee had allowed it further time to provide concrete proposals / recommendations regarding introduction of electronic voting machines (EVMs)/biometric system of identification of voters and voting by overseas Pakistanis.

Zahid Hamid added it was emphasised to the ECP that these  recommendations were required by the subcommittee within two to three weeks to enable it to consider the same before the final report was submitted to the PCER.

The meeting was informed that the subcommittee would take up consideration of the Senate (Election) Act, 1975 in the next meeting scheduled to be held on 29th April. Thereafter, it would examine the laws regarding election to the Senate from FATA and Federal Capital, and constitutional provisions relating to elections.

Finally it would carry out a detailed review, including wording of the proposed amendments along with accompanying Rules, before submitting its report to the PCER.

The chair on this occasion appreciated the progress achieved by the sub-committee and asked it to also keep in sight court decisions related to election process while finalizing its recommendations. Dar, taking notice of concern expressed by some members on blocking of ID cards in the country, directed Chairman NADRA to bring the record of all blocked ID cards with province-wise break up at the next meeting.