Islamabad - The reappointment of a professor as director model colleges in the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), who was ousted earlier following a protest movement against him, has sent a wave of shock and outrage in the teaching community.

The Central Academic Staff Association (CASA) of model colleges is immensely perturbed over the notification of Tariq Masood as Director Model Colleges in the FDE by the capital administration and development division (CADD), said a statement by the association that represents about the teaching community of 20 model colleges in ICT.

This news has sent a wave of shock and outrage in the entire Islamabad Model Colleges’ teaching community, said Prof Rasheed Khan, President CASA. He said, “This is the person who has been a thorn in the eyes of the academic community of the IMCs”, he added, “He was removed from his post as a result of many problems he had created. A signature-resolution movement went against him in which nearly 90 per cent of the teaching faculty signed against him; later a strike in the model colleges was observed against him.”  

The association further alleged that director has many cases pending against him in the FIA and in the audit department regarding his financial misdeeds. Moreover, his appointment is a blatant violation of the just seniority principle, he added.

“It seems that CADD authorities do not want a better academic atmosphere in the IMCs by appointing a person as their director who is not liked by them because of his procedural malpractices, financially stained personality and inherent biases. In his previous tenure as director, the academic community kept reeling under the stress of pending house hiring dues and arbitrary transfers and postings.”

This person has been the center point in creating the mess of daily wages teachers who have been running from pillar to post for their salaries as well as regularization, the association said.

Prof Rasheed Khan said that the reaction against appointment of Tariq Masood as director model colleges might boil up to any shape if the decision is not taken back soon. He along with other CASA and model college representatives Friday met the Minister of State CADD, Barrister Usman Ibrahim in his office and requested him to intervene in the matter and help it reverse so that the teaching community may perform its duties with some peace of mind. The minister though has assured to resolve the matter.