KASUR- Citizens have questioned performance of the police in the face of alarming rise in the incidents of robbery and dacoity, especially in broad daylight in and around Kasur city and demanded the Punjab IG Police, the RPO and the Kasur DPO to take notice of the worst law and order and post honest and efficient police officers to rein in the criminals.

According to details, a local cellular phone company’s salesman Mohammad Shafique visited a mobile phone shop for recovery in Basti Santoksar. As soon as he got off his two-wheeler, two unidentified motorcyclists held him at gunpoint and snatched Rs200,000 and other valuables from him. The police were immediately informed at Helpline 15 but it reached the spot after half an hour. Similarly, a notable farmer and cousin of a local journalist was deprived of Rs0.5 million when he was returning after withdrawing the amount from a bank branch on Railway Road.

In another incident, a house on Khara Road, a shop in Mandi Usmanwala and a mosque in Chak 9 Dirkey were swept by dacoits, making off with cash and other valuables worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. In several similar incidents the dacoits not only robbed people of their cash and valuables but severely tortured them on putting up resistance.

Local business community and social circles have expressed anger and concern over the deteriorating law and order and demanded of the police high-ups to take head-on steps forthwith to protect life and property of citizens.