S:     I’ve decided, of all the U.S presidents that have taken office in my life period, I like Obama the most. Admittedly he could have done more, and the extensive drone campaign is a blight, but he successfully got out of major wars, instituted healthcare and immigration reforms and now he is close to a nuclear deal with Iran. That would be a remarkable thawing in the Middle Eastern ice.

A:     Sure, he seems like a nice guy, but you’re glossing over some very important points. Aren’t you being a little too quick to attribute the Iran deal to Obama? It hasn’t been finalized yet; only a draft framework has been achieved. Even if everything does iron itself out, getting Congress approval would be hard... no scratch that... it would be impossible.

S:     Not impossible surely. There has to be a sane section of the U.S government that would want greater cooperation with the Iranian regime.

A:     There is, but the Jewish lobby is too strong to let it happen.

S:     Please don’t start with the Jewish lobby; that seems to be your answer to everything wrong in the Middle East. I’m sick of these conspiracy theories. You’re better than this.

A:     But it is the Jewish lobby, or should I call it the Israeli lobby to be more specific. Did you see Benjamin Nethanyahu’s address to the congress? He walked in to a five minute long standing ovation, criticised the President of the United States, criticised Iran, said the deal is akin to handing them a nuclear bomb, and received a standing ovation again. You underestimate the power of these big lobbies. I’ve seen Republican senators denying global warming with the stupidest of arguments only because big energy companies contributed to their campaigns. It’s quite shameless.

S:     But Obama won the last two elections didn’t he? Maybe his party will win again, and ensure the deal’s survival.

A:     Hilary is no Obama.