Our political leadership, bureaucracy and technocracy have earned a bad name around the globe for their organized corruption and stealing millions of dollars from the national kitty, thereby causing the death to millions of innocent people through sustained hunger and malnutrition, lack of adequate health care, and inflationary prices which make it impossible for millions of Pakistanis to provide their families with basic needs. Visit Thar or any other part in Sindh.

Why is this type of a crime tolerated by the international community? Why is the victim to blame while the culprit goes free and lives in comfort?

Is this not a crime against humanity and the culprits should be tried in the International Criminal Court/ the International Criminal Tribunals for their organized crime against the innocent people of their nation who voted them to power and they committed a crime of thieving their tax money into their personal inland and abroad bank accounts?


Islamabad, March 21.