Mr. Khursheed Shah has again made a frivolous statement that if KBD is made, Sindh would become a desert. This is a mega lie in that KBD would not consume water but store it. Sindh would get 37% of stored water while Punjab would get equal share i.e. 37% while it has 73% of irrigated area of Pakistan. KBD would store rain water of five rivers that converge at Attock in addition to glacier water. Mr. Khursheed Shah like Goebels repeats the white lie again and again so that it may become truth but it cannot be true. He should desist from propagating falsehood as it has no legs to stand upon.

India has built 4000 dams while China has built 27000 dams in the past four decades while our so called democracy has not built a single mega dam due to stubborn attitude of Sindh which amounts to refusal to accept 2.2 MAF of stored water in KBD. The only two dams were built or initiated by F.M. Ayub Khan i.e. Tarbela and Mangla. The latter is being repaired and Tarbela is silting by the day. Mr. Khursheed Shah would deprive us of waters of Western rivers while India builds scores of dams on our rivers in occupied Kashmir. Is there no one in Govt. to check people like Mr. Khursheed Shah not to play with the destiny of Pakistan at the behest of India of which Sindh was once a part?


Lahore, March 21.