The very public war of words between PTI and PML-N continues unabated, and its episodic nature has grasped the attention of the general public much the same way soap operas do. In a press conference, that was a response to the Prime Minister’s address to Imran Khan (even though was supposed to be for the public at large), PTI rejected the commission and the Terms of Reference (ToRs) set up by the government, and repeated the potential possibility of a sit-in in Raiwind to pressurise the government into giving in.

Imran Khan is justified in responding to the PM’s speech, but his repeated attempts to shift the burden of proof on Nawaz is misguided, because contrary to what the PTI Chairman would have the public believe, the PM has not been named directly in the leaks. At this point this has devolved into a tussle between PML-N and PTI about who will offer up a defence first, based purely on ego.

What has ensued is such comedic political banter, that one wonders how these men even ended up being legislators for their people in the first place. Sure, Nawaz Sharif would not have been in such hot water had PTI not raised such a hullabaloo, but what is the PTI actually wasting so much of its resources on? Does Imran Khan really think that rejecting the ToR’s would get him more votes, or help him help Nawaz Sharif resign? Is there even an end goal, or is the means the end because the sit-in is the only tool the party has learnt to use since 2013?

In an ideal situation, with some brains attached to the bravado, the opposition would have looked to address the entire problem, instead of merely asking for its pound of flesh from the Prime Minister. The opposition would have made sure that all and anyone named in the leaks got its attention, so that its action, against just one man who was not even named it the paper, did not seem hollow. The opposition would have cleared its own ranks, much like the Army just did, even if it was a token purging, to look like it was being accountable (like investigating Aleem Khan’s ownership of offshore companies abroad). By using live television Nawaz Sharif conceded ground to PTI, and PTI could have played it as a win for itself.

Either way, Nawaz Sharif may soon be hosting some unwelcome guests in large quantities very soon, and the tragicomedy will continue.