The report named “Global Trends: Paradox of progress” is delivered by the US Intelligence Council, which predicts a nuclear war between Pakistan and India in 2028. It is, however, also declared in the report that India will be one of the fastest growing economies in the next five years in the world. The report claimed that Pakistan will not only try to strengthen its military weaknesses and expand arsenal but also feel compelled to address India’s economy and military capacities. 

Pondering on the mentioned predictions, my approach does not accept them. Because, not to speak of Pakistan and India, even veto power nations will never let them to be in such destructive conditions that could immensely harm the world peace. Some reports depict that if India and Pakistan fought a war exploding the most powerful nuclear warheads, more than 21 million people will be killed. Besides, this nuclear war can cause the monsoons and agriculture worldwide and overall peaceful atmosphere of the half of the globe will be destroyed. 

Considering aforementioned quagmires of having a nuclear war between two states, how veto power states will let them demolish the peaceful status of the world. Even, veto power states are really busy in fighting and eliminating the most tantalising matters of the world like; terrorism and extremism. No doubt, such powerful nations have already faced and seen the devouring results of fighting a nuclear war. Thus, it would be impossible for veto countries to let two states fight a nuclear war that is the most dangerous for the entire world. 

As a result, instead of bellicosities, both Pakistan and India must try to solve the grassroot problems and misunderstanding and join hands together to fight against terrorism and extremism. 


Shikarpur, April 2.