islamabad-Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) on Tuesday arranged a workshop for children of the Sweet Home in sector H-9 to acquaint them about road safety and better awareness about traffic rules.

More than 150 children attended the workshop, in a special message, Superintendent of Traffic Police Ch Khalid Rasheed highlighted efforts of the force in ensuring safe road environment in the city. The message pointed out how special measures were being taken to curb various traffic violations in the city. The children were told that educational teams of ITP are visiting various organizations as this exercise is very helpful in providing a disciplined traffic system to the road-users.

About the performance of ITP, the children were told that ITP personnel have not only helped establish a disciplined traffic system in the capital but also reduced accidents. Farrukh Rasheed said that children are an asset and the future of the nation and their awareness about traffic rules is crucial for exemplary traffic system in the city.

The education team of ITP also briefed the participants about the history of ITP, the targets given to the force and its achievements, safety measures for pedestrians, road crossing code, use of Zebra crossing and overhead bridge, causes of accidents, how to protect one-self, defensive driving, its requirements, practice to prevent risky situations on road, planning for a long journey, positioning car or lane discipline, right of way on junctions and road markings, safe overtaking, traffic sign boards, traffic light signals and perils of using mobile phone while driving. Branch Head Farzana appreciated the efforts of ITP for arranging such an informative programme and hoped for further improvement in the performance of ITP in the future. She said that children have learnt a lot of useful information in the workshop.