LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said self-centered politician and liar have always harmed the country.

“The PML-N’s politics is nothing but public service. The PML-N government continued with the development agenda despite many hurdles put in its way by the opponents whose politics revolved only around lies and cheating the masses,” said the CM while talking to his party leaders.  According to a handout, Shehbaz said the sit-in group did negative politics of allegations and falsehood.

“Conscious people are totally fed up with the elements involved in mendacity. These elements were defeated in the elections of 2013 and will meet the same fate in 2018.

“The elements engaged in the politics of baseless allegations and falsehood have inflicted damage to the national interests.

“These elements have meted out cruelty with the people by prioritizing their personal interests and the nation will fully reject them in the next elections.  “The people will give their votes to those doing the politics of public service, honesty and trust,” he added.

The CM said his government completed development projects by better utilisation national resources. The credit of industrial development and strengthening of economy goes to the PML-N government,” he said.

“Pakistan of today is much more secured, prosperous and economically viable than before. He said the mission of bringing improvements in the lives of impecunious strata will be fulfilled and the PML-N led government will continue to selflessly serve the masses.  “Different steps taken for public welfare and prosperity have yielded positive steps. Meanwhile, those impeding the journey of national development and prosperity have remained unable to fulfill their desires.”

He said the groups propagating disappointments in the people have become a victim of their negative designs. These elements continuously wasted time of the people for five long years and made efforts to obstruct the journey of development. The people will again reject these elements in the next elections and their negative politics will be permanently died down after defeat in the general elections. He said that elements leveling baseless allegations are playing with the future of the country and they will be held accountable for their negative tactics. The Chief Minister said Zardari and Niazi are two sides of the same coin. One ruined the KP and the other devastated Sindh.

Those who obstructed the journey of development through sit-ins, chaos and agitation have made cruelty with the nation. The elements that are the emblem of negative politics of dishonesty and lies have no interest in solving the problems of the people, he added. In fact, these elements always strived to compound the problems and difficulties of the people. The sit-in group put the people in distress and the masses will pay them in the same coins in the next elections. He said that those who neglected energy projects and plunged the country to darkness in their tenure will have to be answerable for their misdeeds.

Due to the plunder of corrupt rulers of the past, the country remained a hostage to poverty, ignorance and backwardness.

These elements are again dreaming to rob the national resources by coming into power. The people have not forgotten the corruption of these past rulers; therefore, they should stop dreaming of marauding the national resources again, concluded the Chief Minister.