ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Acting Director General Amer Ali Ahmed confirmed that he has ordered special audit of Second Inter-Provincial Quaid-e-Azam Games, held in Islamabad last year.

Talking to The Nation on Tuesday, Amer said: “I have ordered special audit of Quaid-e-Azam Games as I always maintained transparency and rule of law. I have heard from different corners that the sum allocated for the Games was not properly utilised and there were major lapses. Now special audit will submit its findings and everything will be crystal clear.”

Amer said the inquiry report in the leaking of Liaqat gymnasium roof is also ready and will be submitted to his office today (Wednesday). I am quite sure that the inquiry officers have gathered proofs and now the culprits have to pay a very heavy price. It is a national asset and no one is allowed to play with future of athletes.

“I have also ordered department heads to present daily report regarding arrivals and departures of the staff as I am not going to tolerate any inefficiency. I have given verbal warnings to different employees and paid surprise visits to Medical Centre, Jinnah Stadium, Allama Iqbal Hostel and issued directives. I have witnessed a lot of irregularities and directed the relevant officer to file detailed report,” he added.

Amer said he invited masses and journalists to come and visit Pakistan Sports Complex where they will definitely find positive changes. “My team has worked day and night to prepare the grass and with their hard work, they have perfectly prepared the walking track. The renovation and maintenance work is under progress in entire complex and we are not taking a single penny from the government for this purpose, as we are generating funds through our own resources. I have stopped free of costs facilities to joy-riders and now everybody has to pay to utilise Pakistan Sports Complex facilities, as it is meant for athletes and coaches, not for near and dear ones.”

He said the PSB badly requires the services of qualified engineers and full time PDs for supervision and execution of projects. “I have taken up the issue with IPC ministry and also discussed with IPC Minister Riaz Hussian Pirzada. I am quite sure that the progress made on this issue is satisfactory and we will get a qualified engineer soon as it will resolve all our genuine problems regarding starting fresh projects, maintenance of facilities.” When asked about purpose of holding seminars by Academic Wing, when they never present any report regarding how many athletes and coaches they have detected instead they are just enjoying free tours and TADAs, he said that he would take notice on this issue of grave importance.

The entire PSB was giving deserted look the other day as Academic Wing conducted a seminar, while the PSB workers union initiated general council meeting while medical centre, Allam Iqbal Hostel staff was completely missing. The entire staff was engaged at 9am by the union and the meeting started around 12:30pm. A number of athletes and patients had to wait for hours for the lone doctor Dr Waqar, who is still enjoying time in Australia, where he went for Commonwealth Games while Dr Shaabina is suppose to remain present at the medical centre by 8am, but none of the staff, with only exception of Dr Manan, bothered to ensure presence at the official time. The other day, she was attending the seminar rather than ensuring to perform her official duties and attend the patients.

On this, Amer said it was in his notice and he has already taken action on that issue. “I have also given clear directives to relevant heads of the department to keep a check on the staff and if anyone finds guilty of breaking rules and regulations, they have to pay dearly. I will also check with DDG Administration about the union issue and if it is true that the time was wasted, then a stern action will be taken against the responsible ones,” Amer concluded.