LAHORE - PML-N Central Information Secretary Senator Mushahidullah Khan has said the issues raised by the three chief ministers at the National Economic Council meeting are merely for political point-scoring, besides hoodwinking the people to get some space for the next elections.

While talking to The Nation, Senator Mushahidullah Khan said these three CMs are from three different political parties and are promoting their own agenda. These CMs relate to the parties which get inspiration from different points. Now when the general elections are around the corner, they have raised the budget and other issues just for political point-scoring as they have no other thing with them to woo voters.

He questioned why only this time these CMs have created such a situation when meetings of the National Economic Council have been held four times in the past, Mushahid questioned, adding this clearly shows they only want to dupe the masses.

Senator Mushahidullah Khan said the rival political parties which rule the said three provinces are going to face an exemplary defeat in the next polls.

He said how much they stand by their word could be gauged from the fact that Imran Khan earlier said his party will not present the KP budget, but now he says it will present the budget. He said these political parties have no care for the people.

Mushahid said presenting annual budget is the responsibility of the federal government which will fulfil it. He said the next government has power to take any decision whatsoever on the budget; it can also give a fresh budget. These parties do not know the constitutional demand of presenting the budget. Last year budget was presented in May and this year it is again going to be done in the same month, he asserted.